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Intervista rilasciata alla testata Sputnik News e mai pubblicata sul loro portale
Intervista rilasciata alla testata Sputnik News e mai pubblicata sul loro portale

Intervista Sputnik News – Mai pubblicata

Di seguito riporto l’intervista rilasciata a Sputnik News ma che non è stata mai pubblicata.


  • What would be the main policy areas that 5 Stars Movement will focus on in these several months that are left before the elections? Migration/foreign policy, etc?

In the following months the M5S’s will try to convince Italians that we are ready and mature to govern Italy. We are the only political force to have a complete program shared with the MoViment members, which we are sharing with the involved social partners. We invite all citizens to consult our program, online on the MoViment blog.

  • Do you think that the election race will be getting tenser in these last months? Do you expect fair rivalry?

I hope that the electoral campaign will focalize on the issues without expiring in impropriety. Italians need to understand “what” will do who will go to the Government. At the moment only the M5S is talking about serious issues that interest citizens, while all the other political parties are only looking for unlikely alliances that will shatter the day after the vote. Parties use some themes only as a tool to measure themselves within the party itself. They are not interested to the Italians’ problems, otherwise Italy will not be in the actual conditions.

  • Opinion polls suggest that no party will get the overall majority. What are the chances that 5 Stars Movement will look at the possibility to form a collation? Who are its potential partners in coalition?

If the M5S will be the first political force in the country –as the polls report- and there will not be a majority in the Parliament, M5S the day after the elections will give a Government to this country guaranteeing stability, – with responsibility and converging on issues and not exchanging seats,. If the parties refuse to converge on issues in the interest of citizens, leaving the country in chaos, they will take responsibility for it.

  • On Sunday, Forza Italia party, and its two allies, the far-right Northern League and Brothers of Italy published their joint statement saying that they want to reverse the pension reform and crack down on taxes and immigrants. I wanted to know of Movimento 5 stelle is also planning to reverse the Fornero pension reform and what is your opinion on this joint manifesto

It is the usual pre-election promises, only idle talks. The politicians of Forza Italia and the Brothers of Italy, who voted the Fornero Law, are the same people who now say they want to abolish it. Do they believe that Italians are stupid? M5s will work to eliminate social injustice and pockets of poverty by withdrawing wealth from those who have unduly accumulated it with privileges and gold pensions

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